Amour Fou - Lessons in Wild Love

Amour Fou - Lessons in Wild Love

Workshop (90 Min)


Once we’re able to take away the story-line and the psychology of what‘s happening, like meeting a soulmate, attraction to someone we must have known from another life, feeling attracted on all levels to someone for the first time, or reinacting our childhood wounds, (which on parallel levels are ALL TRUE & REAL!!!)

 …what the f*** is this: A crush, an affair, an AMOUR FOU ?

Ever present in literature from the ancient times when Paris was chasing his Helena and thus causing the Trojan War. A constant topic in nearly all Netflix series, at least those we all talk about…

If stripped down to skin, what is this energy? How can we navigate it and stay integrated or even use it to integrate more hidden aspects of our true authentic selves? 

Being a deeply passionate girl, I always found it dissatisfying when this energy was simply treated as a momentary dysfunction of the rational mind. I believe these energies hold a vast transformational power that can be accessed. It’s our soul’s cry for something more. More freedom, more authenticity, more heart opening, more integrity, more presence, more love.

If you feel desire to finally be able to stay fully integrated while going through a storm, this is or you! I‘m looking forward to guiding you thru the most juicy energies to find your safe haven and STILL be able to maintain an open heart and your maximum integrity.

(If you’re in the middle of a storm an needing personal guidance NOW, request 1:1 mentoring. I‘ll do what I can to make space for you, love)

All my heart,Tanja 

Desire - Fire

Yearning - Water

Jealousy - I‘m not worthy of this…

Envy - I want this!

Neediness - Give me myself!

I see you - I‘m inside you

See me! - You‘re inside me

Is this toxic? - Psychology

Is this Love? - Philosophy

Feeling all hearts - Compassion & Integrity

Life Force Energy - Direction

Boundless Love - Express yourself!



Anais Nin



Khalil Gibran

David Deida

Londin A. Winters

Date: (to be announced)

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