I‘m a big fan of practices that enable my clients to cultivate compassion to self, bravery and trust in their intuition. Add moving stuck energy, processing feelings, finding your unique voice both as an artist of love and leader in the world
and communing with nature and you have a potent catalyst for authentic change and growth!

Because I have transcended those little voices of shame and pain that used to tell me it’s not safe to be seen and kept me in my comfort zone of hidden artistry and leadership for a long time, I’m now here to facilitate your change and short circuit your process. In the name of LOVE!

All formats as well as 1:1 coaching are open for both masculine and feminine practitioners. As a teacher, one of the most passionate focal points of my work is to reintegrate both energies in a healthy and loving way in each individual I work with. To bridge the gaps that are lingering awkwardly and unresolved in the wake of the „me too“ movement and to help create new textures of friendship, understanding and compassion between men and women. Not to mention juicy and fulfilling polarity in our intimate relationships!

Also, think of „relationship“ as a quite universal term. Concerning my offerings and work, I treat almost every dynamic or energy you might experience as a relational one. Be they with a person like your spouse, child, parent, coworker, employee, client or friend, or your relation to your concepts of success, freedom, money, self worth, leadership or the deeper meaning of your life. This approach is unique in its method and outcome, because it delivers fresh points of view and insights into stuck or dysfunctional dynamics as well as creative and out of the box solutions.

My masterclass „FEMININE EMBODIMENT“ is a 5 week container, giving you enough time to dip in your toes softly at first AND enough time & space to then go deeper in trust & openness. 

If you‘re good with just dipping in your toes for starters, my Workshops „AMOUR FOU - Lessons in Wild Love“ and „ENVY AND JEALOUSY - Textures of Becoming“ would be the perfect place to get to know me and my work. For a deeply personal and in depth way to work with me, I have open spots for 1:1 coaching available upon request. These are an individual mix of virtual and conversational style offerings, sometimes also IRL.

If you feel called to working with me or have any questions, feel free to DM me for details

All formats are available in German and English.